7 Deadly Sins | Penney Bidwell Interactive Ceramic Art | SOLD

The newest piece in the gallery is from featured ceramic artist Penney Bidwell. It’s built around a candy/ toy dispensing machine.  Simply insert four quarters, rotate the dial, and you will receive a deadly sin along with a miniature ceramic reflecting that sin. For example, gluttony comes with a description and a ceramic ham bone.  Interactive art at its best and a unique addition to a contemporary collection.

Devil, ‘7 Deadly Sins’ SOLD


Penney’s work is emotional and expressive. Her process is organic, allowing clay to take form naturally as she shapes the medium. 7 Deadly Sins encompasses her interests and inspirations that are common among her other figurines.

She makes frequent use of tattoos in her work and many of her characters are born out of her memories and old pictures of her family and other carnies provide the basis for her characters.  Her mother and father were carnival people, her great grandmother was the tattooed lady in carnivals in the early 1990’s.  The 7 Deadly Sins Devil has the iconic ‘MOM’ written inside a heart on his left arm.

Penney Bidwell - Devil 7 Deadly Sins




Collect your Deadly Sin today or, better still, buy the piece so your friends and guests can collect them.

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